Aloe Vera

Image of plantImage of plant

Its aloe. I mean what were you expecting. Everyone knows what aloe is. Its the best house plant, you can't kill it, it'll make you happy.

Common NameAloe Vera
Scientific NameAloe barbadensis miller
Sun ExposureFull Sun, Part Sun
Soil TypeSandy, Succulent
Bloom TimeSummer
CarePlace in bright indirect sunlight. Water deeply but infrequently. Water every ~3 weeks and even more sparingly during the winter. Use your finger to test dryness before watering.
Capitain's log
10/18/2020My aloe is surprisingly not doing well. I'm monitoring its condition, and probably need to look more into what is happening, but earlier last week I found one of the leaves(?) had turned brown at the part towards the base and has fallen off the mother plant. Some of the tips look a little brown, I will post pictures as I continue doing more research, but concerned nonetheless.
09/22/2020I finally got some succulent/cactus soil and planted. Need to wait a week before I can water to let it settle.
09/18/2020I purchased said plant from Lowes.