Common Asparagus Fern

Image of plant

I was at the nursery section of my local "Big Hardware" store (Lowes) and saw this little one for $1.99. I just felt compelled. Its tiny little leaves and stems got me. I look forward to watching it grow.

Common NameCommon Asparagus Fern
Scientific NameAsparagus setaceus
Sun ExposureBright, indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight may scorch the needles, wherreas insufficient light may turn them yellow
Soil TypeWell-drained potting soil
Bloom TimeSummer
CareThe fern thrives in dappled shade, avoiding direct direct sunlight. A more detailed description of care can be found here
Capitain's log
09/19/2020I potted the plant along with the polka-dot plant in an old milk carton.
09/18/2020I purchased said plant from Lowes.