Dwarf Jade

Image of plantImage of plant

This one is a rehab project. I inherited this plant and we thought it was on the way out. It lived part of its life in a dark bathroom and was slowly deterriorating, but I am determined to bring it back. After doing some research I never realized that these plants can calcify their stems and grow like a bonsai tree.

Common NameDwarf Jade
Scientific NamePortulacaria afra
Sun ExposureFull Sun to partial shade
Soil Typepotting soil
Bloom TimeLate spring to early summer
CarePlace in indirect sunlight at minimum 5-6 hours a day. Water deeply but infrequently. Water every ~3 weeks and even more sparingly during the winter. Use your finger to test dryness before watering. For more information, click here
Capitain's log
10/02/2020Watered the big pot and small new plant a few days later to give them some time to callus and settle after being beat up a little bit. I will wait another week before watering again. Having fun with this one. From what I've read online, less is more with this one.
09/30/2020Big update. So I wanted to repot and clean up the plant since it had a lot of dead leaves and such. So I went through and took it out of the pot to replant and realized it was coming together a bunch. When I cleaned up the dead branches a bunch of singular branches also came off. I've decided to dry out the singular branches and let them callus over so that I can propagate them, and I have planted one of the small bunches that came off the main plant.
09/27/2020I am going to trim and care for the plant today. I'll post updates
09/14/2020I inherited the plant.