Easter Cactus

Image of plantImage of plantImage of plant

This plant was the best gift I've ever gotten. It has these amazing flowers that come out when it blooms. Sadly I missed the bloom this year. I left the plant at my desk when we went remote for Covid and my coworker captured the picture below of it blooming. Luckily I got to go save it and it's been doing well ever since.

Common NameEaster Cactus
Scientific NameHatiora Gaertneri
Sun ExposureFull Sun to partial shade
Soil Typepotting soil
Bloom TimeLate spring / early summer
CareKeep in bright partial light, keep the soil moist but never soggy. Make sure its in a humid environment. Click here for more information

Cactus blooming Figure 1: Easter Cactus Blooming

Capitain's log
07/10/2020Repotted into this lovely milkjug pot
03/20/2020Bloom & Rescue from work.
02/14/2020This plant was a Valentines day gift.