Polka Dot Plant

Image of plantImage of plant

I was at the nursery section of my local "Big Hardware" store (Lowes) and saw this little one for $1.99. I just felt compelled. The fun pattern on the leaves got me, it is very cool. I look forward to watching it grow.

Common NamePolka Dot Plant
Scientific NameHypoestes phyllostachya
Sun ExposureBright, indirect light
Soil Typepotting soil
Bloom TimeSeasonally
CareThese plants like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil at all times. Avoid letting the soil dry out, which can cause the foliage to wilt and the plant to struggle. For more information, click here
Capitain's log
09/19/2020I potted the plant along with the common fern plant in an old milk carton.
09/18/2020I purchased the plant.