Snake Plant

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This is my first attempt at propagating a plant. After a few months of waiting, one of the shoots finally is growing some new roots! I will update this with more info as things happen.

Common NameSnake Plant
Scientific NameSansevieria trifasciata
Sun ExposurePart shade, low light conditions
Soil TypeFast-draining, sandier soil
Bloom TimeSpring (blooms are rare)
CareLet the soil dry between waterings. During winter, reduce watering to monthly, or whenever the soil is dry to the touch. Err on the side of under watering; too much water can kill the plant. For more information, click here
PropagationSansevieria plants can be divided easily during repotting. Alternatively, new shoots that emerge from the soil can be taken and potted independently. . Cuttings can also be made, but it is much easier to rely on division.
Capitain's log
10/03/2020Getting close to a plant date for this one. Can't wait to get it in some soil.
09/17/2020First instance of new growth noticed.
July 2020Prop cuts made