Helping spread the good news of and sharing the things I use.

This page covers what technologies I'm currently using, what I use for this site, and some products I really enjoy. I hope this helps others to share their own "Uses" and personal preferences.

Now in no particular order...


This Site

  • NuxtJS - This is a JAMStack site using Nuxt's generate tool. I am a big fan of Nuxt & Vue and enjoy the toolset that Nuxt enables for quickly prototyping and building sites. I use Nuxt in my day job as well.
  • I'm using a number of Nuxt plugins for this site: nuxt-responsive-loader for images, @nuxt/content for blogs & this page, and @nuxtjs/sitemap + @nuxtjs/robots for SEO.
  • I'm a CSS masochist, all styles I've written myself.
  • I host this site on GitHub Pages

Software & Tools

  • I host sites and projects on a number of services, but notably:
  • The majority of my notes and planning are done using Notion. I purchased a year of service a week before they bumped up their free tier, and kinda went all in on it.
  • For taking notes where I want a dedicated Markdown editor, I use Typora.
  • When I need to minify and bundle code, I always use Parceljs. I don't hate myself enough to write webpack configs from scratch, we have parcel.
  • I prefer to prototype things using VSCode & the Live Server plugin. Being able to create an html doc and quickly visualize my thoughts is so lovely.


Random other things


I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. Here are some tools and appliances I really can't live without.

  • I've exclusively used this induction cooktop for the last 3 years with these pots and pans. I really enjoy cooking with induction, and is a massive step up from crappy apartment electric stoves.
  • Get a sous vide. I use the Joule, but they're all great.
  • My current hobby is pickling & lacto-fermentation. I just got one of these E-jen Kimchi, Sauerkraut Container that can be used for anything.
  • Most of my kitchen tools and gadgets are from IKEA.